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Model : KSD Series (BELT DRIVEN)
Power : 0.75 Kw – 315 Kw
Application : Driving Impeller Pump, Driven Impeller turbine, Screw Press, Digester for Palm Oil Mill

Benefits of Transfluid Coupling

  • very smooth start-ups
  • reduction of current absorptions during the starting phase : the motor starts with very low load
  • protection of the motor and the driven machine from jams and overloads
  • utilization of asynchronous squirrel cage motors instead of special motors with soft starter devices
  • higher duration and operating convenience of the whole driven train, thanks to the protection function achieved by the fluid coupling
  • higher energy saving, thanks to current peak reduction
  • limited starting torque down to 120% in the versions with a double delayed till chamber
  • same torque at input and output: the motor can supply the maximum torque even when load is jammed
  • torsional vibration absorption for internal combustion engines, thanks to the presence of a fluid as a power transmission element
  • possibility to achieve a high number of start-ups, also with an inversion of the rotation direction
  • load balancing in case of a double motor drive: fluid couplings automatically adjust load speed to the motors speed
  • high efficiency
  • minimum maintenance
  • Viton rotation seals
  • cast iron and steel material with anticorrosion treatment

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